FHA 221d4 Apartment Financing
Walnut Creek Apartments Kansas City Missouri

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FHA Apartment Financing 221d4 Multifamily LoanKansas City

FHA 221d4 Apartment Financing Kansas City Missouri

Project FHA 221d4 Apartment Financing Kansas City Missouri
Property Walnut Creek Apartments
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Property Type Multifamily Construction
Loan Type Non-recourse, FHA 221d4 apartment financing
Loan Program FHA 221d4 apartment financing
Loan Amount $14,580,000
Description Apartment Financing America provided FHA 221d4 apartment financing for the Walnut Creek Apartments in Kansas City Missouri. The $14,580,000 non-recourse loan was originated using FHA 221d4 apartment financing.

FHA 221d4 Apartment Financing

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