FHA 223a7 Streamlined Refinance Offer

FHA 223a7 Streamlined Refinance Exclusive Offer

Refinance Existing FHA Multifamily Loans
Get 3.15% Fixed Rate For 35 Years

We are exclusively offering expedited processing for FHA 223a7 streamlined refinance loans. If you have an existing FHA multifamily loan, you are already pre-approved and Apartment Financing America will refinance your loan at 3.15% fixed interest for up to 35 years. You’ll get expedited processing, quick loan closing and a new loan at 3.15% fixed for up to 35 years, all with no cost to you. And, if you have an existing FHA multifamily loan you are already approved for this exclusive offer.

This FHA Streamlined Refinance offer could save you millions on your remaining loan balance. For example, assume the unamortized balance of your existing loan is $7,000,000, your present interest rate is 6.25% and there are 28 years remaining on your loan term. The Apartment Financing America offer to refinance your loan using an FHA 223a7 will save you about $217,000 per year in interest or $6 million over the life of the loan. And it costs you nothing.

This is likely to be the last best refinancing offer you’ll see in your lifetime. Request
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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has recently revised the loan guidelines for the FHA 223A7 Streamlined Refinance apartment mortgage program. The revised guidelines relax qualifying requirements on one of the best apartment loans in America, making these loans available to more borrowers and more property types.

Under the new guidelines, all FHA apartment loans and others now qualify for expedited refinancing under the FHA 223A7 Streamlined Refinance program provided the existing loan is in good standing. This program is available for all FHA apartment loans, FHA affordable housing loans, FHA manufactured housing loans, FHA nursing home loans and FHA hospital loans.

With Apartment Financing America, the refinancing process is fast, you’ll face very minimal underwriting and we only require a minimum amount of information from the borrower. Proceeds of the refinancing, after the existing loan is paid-off, can be used for transaction costs, repairs and property upgrades.You could use some of the excess proceeds from refinancing to improve and upgrade the property, putting you in position to increase your rental rates. All while chopping your debt service cost to the bone. The various economic possibilities of our streamlined refinancing offer are astonishing.

This is quite possibly the best economic deal ever. The FHA 223a7 Streamlined Refinance program is the most cost effective refinancing program in the world and it’s perfect for almost any property owners whose loans are more than five years old.

A month from now, you could already be saving a fortune because the time from application to commitment has been as little as 30 days.We want to make every one of our clients more successful. Never before has an opportunity existed to so significantly improve your success, so let’s do this deal. Click this link to get a Confidential Loan Quote and we’ll do all the rest. We will prepare and deliver for your review a preferred property analysis which visualizes the property performance both with and without the refinancing, along with a confidential loan quote. You invest nothing and there’s no obligation. You get a completely free look at the deal and we’ll do all the work preparing the numbers. Your privacy and security are guaranteed.

You having nothing to lose and maybe millions to gain, so request your Confidential Loan Quote today.

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FHA 223A7 Streamlined Refinance Loan Program

Maximum Loan Term

The new loan term can be the lesser of the remaining term on the original loan plus 12 years or 35 years.

Maximum Loan Amount

The lesser of:

  • Up to the original amount of the old loan
  • Amount supported by 90% of the NOI
  • Total cost including existing debt, repairs, transaction costs, and prepayment penalties

Prepayment Terms

The prepayment is reset because it is a new loan

Interest Rate

Changes daily, please call for an estimate

FHA Application Fee and MIP

.3% at the time of application and MIP of .45% per year

Loan Origination Fee

1.00% payable at closing

Third Party Costs

Project Capital Needs Assessment (PCNA) required

Replacement Reserves

Readjusted if necessary

FHA Inspection Fees

None if no repairs are required. $30 per unit if repairs under $3,000 per unit, 1% of repair cost if over $3,000 per unit. Collected at closing.

Exhibits Needed

  • Three years audited financials
  • Current rent roll
  • Mortgagee’s Letter showing current balances
  • Original Deed of Trust or Note
  • New title report
  • PCNA

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