Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans

Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans

Non-Recourse, Low Rate Fannie Mae Insured Multifamily Loans

Fannie Mae multifamily loans are available to a wide range of the multifamily properties, including conventional apartment loans, rent-restricted affordable housing loans, cooperative housing loans, seniors housing loans, student housing loans and manufactured housing community loans, the majority of Fannie Mae multifamily loans finance workforce housing and more than 85% of the loans finance units that are affordable to families earning at or below the area’s median income level.

Offering flexible loan terms and industry low multifamily loan rates, Fannie Mae DUS Multifamily Loans may be used by credit-worthy single-asset US entities and entities with all US ownership to finance existing, stabilized properties with a minimum of five units or 50 pad sites in the case of Manufactured Housing Communities. Only existing income-producing multifamily properties with at least three stable months of 90% occupancy or better are eligible and can be newly constructed or recently rehabilitated.

Fannie Mae is a Government Sponsored Enterprise whose mortgage securities are deemed virtually default risk free, affording Fannie Mae a very low cost of capital. Thus, Fannie Mae multifamily borrowers receive an interest rate which is only slightly higher than those provided by FHA multifamily loans. Underwriting and processing times tend to be relatively fast and unless a special waiver is needed for a particular element of a transaction, the entire process is very straightforward.

All Fannie Mae multifamily loans offer borrowers better apartment lending rates and terms than conventional multifamily loans, CMBS apartment loans or apartment bridge loans. We encourage you to get a better feel for Fannie Mae multifamily loans and we are pleased to offer an exclusive Property Analysis and Loan Quote. There is no obligation, and it only takes a minute to submit. Just send us the Loan Information Request and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll also see how we’ll make your next deal more successful.

Fannie Mae multifamily loans are critical to the functioning of US capital markets, providing continuous liquidity and a reliable source of mortgage capital. In 1988, Fannie Mae created the DUS Program as a backstop for multifamily mortgage markets, in reaction to extreme fluctuations and liquidity of capital markets. Today, Fannie Mae multifamily loans provide an essentially uninterruptible source of capital to the multifamily industry.

In developing the DUS multifamily loan program, Fannie Mae created an underwriting and processing license with private loan originators. Loan originators retain top end risk on the loans in exchange for the opportunity to underwrite and close Fannie Mae multifamily mortgages without pre-approval by Fannie Mae. As a result, Fannie Mae built a network of apartment lenders who originate, process, underwrite, commit and close Fannie Mae multifamily mortgage loans.Since its creation in 1988, Fannie Mae DUS multifamily loans have delivered more than $300 billion in liquidity to mortgage markets, providing multifamily financing to more than 6.3 million apartment units. It is now the largest single source of apartment financing in America. Fannie Mae DUS multifamily loans provide industry low interest rates, flexible loan terms and certainty of execution for apartment loans with a $3 million minimum loan amount.