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2015 Texas Housing Conference

2015 Texas Housing Conference July 27-29 Hilton Austin

Join The Texas Leaders In FHA Multifamily Lending Rockhall Funding & Apartment Financing America 2015 Texas Housing Conference July 27-29, 2015 At The Hilton Austin Nobody does more FHA multifamily lending in Texas than Rockhall Funding and Apartment Financing America. Learn how recent improvements in the FHA multifamily lending program …

  • Residential Mortgage Delinquency Declines

    Residential Mortgage Delinquency Declines

    A new report by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the federal agency tasked with monitoring and regulating commercial banks, states that residential mortgage delinquency declines in the first quarter. …

  • Housing Starts Increase Surprises

    April Housing Starts Increase Surprises Economists

    The April housing starts increase was unexpected, surprising many economists and others who bought into the weaker numbers in February and March. The importance of a particular monthly metric is a little …

  • Surging US Housing Markets House With Sold Sign

    Surging US Housing Markets Show Pricing Power

    Surging US housing markets is a phrase we have heard all too seldom in the past several years, but a surging housing market is what we’ve got. The US housing market is …

  • Phoenix Arizona Skyline

    Housing Market Research Phoenix Mesa Scottsdale AZ

    (Updated March 2015) As of August 2014, the sales housing market in Phoenix is soft. According to CoreLogic, Inc. and analyst estimates, new and existing home sales decreased by 9.4 percent to …

  • Freddie Mac Projects Affordable Housing Shortage

    Affordable Housing Shortage Projected By Freddie Mac

    An affordable housing shortage is imminent, as the demand for multifamily affordable housing or workforce rental housing is outpacing supply. According to Freddie Mac Multifamily, approximately 440,000 additional apartments will be needed …

  • 2015 Economic Growth Expected to Top 2014 Growth Rate

    2015 Economic Growth Expected to Top 2014 Growth

    Looking Forward To 2015 Economic Growth The housing market is still grinding its way upward, while economic growth is slowing after a 2014 mid-year jump, but 2015 economic growth is expected to …

  • FHA Apartment Loans

    FHA No Cost Refinance Program Expanded

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has announced expansion of the FHA no cost refinance program 223A7. With the expansion of the FHA no cost refinance program, all existing FHA …

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