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Mortgage Rates

Apartment Financing America provides our clients and website visitors with apartment mortgage rates that include extensive, expert analysis of interest rates and the capital markets that effect them. You’ll no doubt note that the information and analysis we provide about apartment mortgage rates is far more thorough than the little interest rate charts favored by our competitors.

Like many of our competitors, the little apartment loan rate boxes they display, are automated injections of data which is published by real apartment lenders, such as ourselves. As an apartment lender that actually originates multifamily loans, we deliver an apartment loan rates page with substance behind it including multifamily loan rate trends, apartment loan rate analysis, multifamily interest rate signals to watch for, and more.

As with all of the tools and resources we provide, we publish extended information about apartment loan rates and capital markets to insure you always have the tools and information you need to make well informed real estate decisions.

Also, we  just didn’t think a little box with a few little interest rates in it, the way other mortgage brokers do it, really accomplished anything. The below information about mortgage rates is furnished by Mortgage News Daily

Multifamily Mortgage Rates

Mortgage loans with favorable terms and low, competitive multifamily loan rates have contributed to the success of real estate deals for hundreds of years. While Apartment Financing America hasn’t been lending that entire time, we have provided competitive, low rate apartment loans to the most sophisticated real estate investors in the world for almost five decades.

We specialize in placing low rate, non-recourse Fannie Mae multifamily loans, Freddie Mac multifamily loans and FHA multifamily loans that finance the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and refinancing of multifamily properties. Join the most sophisticated real estate investors in the world in relying on Apartment Financing America and let us finance your next real estate project.

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