FHA 223f Apartment Loans

FHA 223f Loan Program And FHA 223f Requirements

FHA 223f Loan Program Overview

HUD FHA 223f Apartment Loans are ideal for multifamily acquisitions or refinancing multifamily properties. HUD FHA 223f Apartment Loans are one of the most competitive multifamily loans in the nation.

FHA 223f Apartment Loans are guaranteed by HUD, through FHA, in the form of mortgage insurance. HUD FHA 223f Apartment Loans are used, most notably, to facilitate refinancing multifamily projects and for the acquisition and moderate rehabilitation of apartment projects which are at least three years old. However, the three year requirement can be waived in certain circumstances.

HUD FHA 223f Apartment Loans are eligible for the acquisition or refinancing of multifamily properties of 5 units or more and is a great financing option for borrowers looking for maximum leverage and longer fixed-rates and terms. There are no income or rent restrictions under Section 223f unless otherwise required by a project based HAP contract or other regulatory agreement. FHA 223f insured mortgages are non-recourse with no market restrictions. Click for FHA Apartment Loans Video

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FHA Apartment Loans Terms Sheet

Loan Program
FHA 223f Apartment Acquisition Loans
Loan Purposes
The 223f apartment loan program provides multifamily acquisition financing to purchase or refinance detached, semi-detached, row, walkup, or elevator-type rental or cooperative housing containing 5 or more units. FHA 223f apartment loan program is available for market rate apartments or properties with rental assistance.
Eligible Properties
Conventional market rate apartments, cooperative housing and multifamily affordable housing properties with 5 or more units.
Eligible Borrowers
Both for-profit and non-profit single asset entities are eligible.
Commercial Space
Limited to 20% of net rentable area and 20% of effective gross income.
Minimum Loan Amount
Minimum loan amount $1 million.
Maximum Loan Amount
Maximum loan amount is not a fixed dollar limit. Maximum loan is a function of loan to value ratio and debt service coverage ratio. of eligible development cost, including as-is value of land for new construction or as-is value of property in the case of substantial rehabilitation:

  • 83.33% for market rate apartments
  • 85% for affordable apartments
  • 87% for rent subsidized apartments

An amount that achieves minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio of

  • 1.20×1 DSCR for market rate apartments
  • 1.18×1 DSCR for affordable apartments
  • 1.15×1 DSCR for rent subsidized apartments

Loan cannot exceed the programmatic per-unit maximum as adjusted by HUD for project location (local high cost factor).

Loan Term
Fully amortizing for a term of up to 35 years.
Amortization Term
Fully amortizing up to 35 years.
Loan To Value Ratio
  • 83.33% for market rate apartments.
  • 85% for affordable apartments.
  • 87% for rent subsidized apartments.
Debt Coverage Ratio
  • 1.20×1 for market rate apartments.
  • 1.18×1 for affordable apartments.
  • 1.15×1 for apartments with rental assistance.
Prepayment Terms
Negotiable with best pricing for 10 years of call protection (can be a combination of lockout and/or penalty); loan is fully assumable subject to HUD approval.
Personal Liability
FHA apartment loans are non-recourse, with standard carve-outs.
Escrow Requirements
  • Replacement reserves required in accordance with HUD guidelines, minimum $250 per unit per year;
  • Taxes and Insurance escrowed monthly;
Third Party Reports
  • Appraisal
  • Phase One Environmental Assessment (ESA)
  • Market Study (may be required in declining markets)
HUD/FHA Application Fee
30 basis points ($3 per $1,000) of requested loan amount (due with submission of firm application)
1% due to HUD at closing and 0.6% annually thereafter, escrowed monthly (.45% for affordable properties and those with at least one unit under project-based Section 8 HAP contract)
Loan Timeline
  • Firm application typically submitted within 45-60 days of engagement; then
  • Firm Commitment is typically issued within 60 days; then
  • Closing normally occurs 30-45 days thereafter
Additional Parameters
  • Certificates of Occupancy dated three years prior to date of application (subject to waiver)
  • Pre-review is not required by HUD
  • Davis Bacon prevailing wage requirements do not apply
  • A replacement reserve will be funded at closing
  • Annual audit of operations is required
  • Hard second liens not allowed, soft seconds & stock pledge financing allowed with proper structure

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FHA 223f Apartment Loans Key Takeaways

  • HUD FHA 223f apartment loans provides borrowers with 35 year, fixed rate, non-recourse apartment financing.
  • Loans can be used to finance the acquisition or refinancing of existing multifamily apartments.
  • Eligible property types are market rate apartments, cooperative housing and multifamily affordable housing.
  • Minimum loan amount $1,000,000 with no maximum loan amount.
  • Loan terms determined by borrower from 10 to 35 years.
  • FHA 223f apartment financing s non-recourse to the borrower.

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