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Successful apartment projects all have elements in common that contribute to their success. Of those elements, apartment financing with favorable terms and competitive apartment mortgage rates have the greatest¬†impact on the success of multifamily projects. Arranging apartment financing with mortgage rates and terms that are the best in the nation is our responsibility. One we don’t take lightly, the success of your project depends on it.

Apartment Financing America has provided the best apartment loans in the world to the most sophisticated real estate investors for almost five decades. Our expertise and experience with apartment financing produces multifamily mortgages that deliver the measurable results you need for successful projects.

Contact us to discuss the apartment financing for your next project. You’ll find we’re more strategic partner than lender, because the success of your project is a responsibility we take seriously. Get started today with our one minute Loan Information Request form. There’s no obligation. You’ll get detailed loan information that sets us apart from the competition.

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Focus On Agency Lending

Apartment Financing America specializes in originating GSE apartment loans. With that focus on agency lending, we aggressively utilize FHA loan programs, Fannie Mae loan programs and Freddie Mac loan programs to finance the construction, acquisition or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily, health care, assisted living and hospital projects. Here is a brief summary of three apartment loan products that offer the best loan terms and the best mortgage rates in their class.

Apartment Loans

Apartment Financing America specializes in agency lending for multifamily loans. We have the sources and expertise to originate 35 year, non-recourse FHA apartment loans, Fannie Mae DUS loans and Freddie Mac apartment loans from 4.25%.

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No-Cost Apartment Refinancing

FHA has authorized the no-cost refinancing of all FHA 200 series loans with a streamlined process and rapid closing. Refinance existing FHA apartment loans, nursing home loans and manufactured housing community loans at fixed rates as low as 3.15%.

No Cost Refinancing

Apartment Construction Loans

Apartment Financing America originates FHA 221d3 and FHA 221d4 multifamily construction loans for both non-profit and for-profit borrowers. These are the only non-recourse, 40 year, fixed rate apartment construction loans available with rates from 4.25%.

Apartment Construction Loans

Apartment Financing Research, Tools And Resources

Apartment Financing America provides extensive resources and research material so you always have access to the tools and information you need to make well informed real estate and multifamily financing decisions. It is our goal to make your job a little easier and your real estate deals more successful.

Mortgage Rates

Apartment Mortgage Rates And Capital Markets Analysis

As with all of the tools and resources we provide, Apartment Financing America publishes extended information about mortgage rates and capital markets to insure you always have the tools and information you need to make well informed real estate decisions.

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Knowledge Base

Apartment Financing Knowledge Base

We are building an extensive real estate knowledge base to equip our clients with the best possible information. Our knowledge base includes housing market research reports for virtually every housing market in the nation, an ever growing FAQ and more.

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Housing Market Research

Apartment Financing Market Research

Apartment Financing America is aggregating and publishing extensive housing market research reports for virtually every housing market in the nation, along with additional regional and national housing market research.

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The interest rates and loan programs displayed on this website should only be used as guidelines, as they do not represent a commitment to lend. Apartment Financing America is not liable for any interest rate or fees that might affect the displayed interest rates. Interest rates, fees and loan terms may change at any time without notice and the interest rate for specific loans cannot be locked until HUD/FHA, Fannie Mae or other agency lender provides a rate lock commitment.